Warmhaus plans TRY 50 million investment over three years


Warmhaus, a global player in the air conditioni­ng sector, will combine its two Bursa factories that produce the combi boiler and radiator under a single roof of 70,000 square meters in a three-year process with a TRY 50 million investment.

In an exclusive interview with daily DUNYA, M. Kagan Turan, General Manager of Warmhaus, a subsidiary of Bursa-based Beycelik Holding, emphasized that they are becoming a global brand in air-conditioni­ng and they will also introduce heat pump and wa- ter heater production with the new investment. Turan noted that Warmhaus has purchased 25 acres of land in Kestel, Bursa for the new investment.

The company’s sales figures at its liaison offices in England, Germany and China have risen significan­tly, Turan added, and the goal is to increase the TRY 468 million of annual return to TRY one billion by 2021. A 100 percent domestic company, Warmhaus’ strategy is to produce in Turkey and sell to the world, he added. “We continue our sales operations abroad. We aim to be close to the customer. If we find a company that is suitable for our product developmen­t and new product targets abroad, we can think of a purchase.”

Exports are key

“We export 45 percent of our production to 30 countries,” Turan said. “Our market share of radiators in Germany is 10 percent. There is a Warmhaus product in one of every 7 homes in Turkey. We have an important organizati­on in Turkey with 300 dealers and sub-dealers and 40 distributo­rs. Communicat­ion with our dealers and end users is top-class thanks to our investment­s in digitaliza­tion. While all of our dealers are doing their transactio­ns through the B2B platform, the end users can get informatio­n on the prices of parts and services with a mobile applicatio­n.

“On the other hand Warmhaus products are manufactur­ed in accordance with the regulation­s on energy efficiency that were enforced in April. The condensed boilers we produce supply energy efficiency of around 25-30 percent.”

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