The winner of these elections was the people

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Turkey would have made it into political literature and history as the country that changed an oppressive regime with elections, if those elections were fair, free or safe and if the opposition had won. The opposition may not have been victorious but people are still the real winners of these elections. IYI Party leader Meral Aksener and Saadet leader Temel Karamollao­glu handed over 100,000 signatures within days of the snap election announceme­nt. The CHP and left-wing voters voted for HDP to prevent it from staying below the world’s worst democratic election threshold and to prevent HDP votes from being allocated to the ruling party. HDP made it to the parliament despite the oppression and intimidati­on tactics thanks to this strategic voting. After a 200-year process, beset with stagnation and regression, we can say that the culture of democratic participat­ion is now rooted in a wide swath of society. It is not possible to hold a democratic election in Turkey but the people passed the maturity test of democracy with top marks. Now the next task is to protect their belief and commitment to change using democratic tools.

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