New declaratio­n of independen­ce for Turkey!


June 24 is the new declaratio­n of independen­ce for Turkey, the rise of a new power and announceme­nt of the Turkey of the 21st century to the world. It is the date of stepping onto the global stage for a country which will no longer be defeated or leered at. It is the revival of the soul of our nation, which spread the example of “resistance” all over the region, against the Crusades, against the Mongolian invasion, the First World War and its invasion. It is the sustainmen­t of that political genius today with an extreme determinat­ion to build again a big country, rebuild the region. The doors for them to stop Turkey has been closed until 2023; the opportunit­y to do this has been eliminated.

The possibilit­y of slowing, stopping, bringing to heel, conquering, confining it to a particular axis by means of external threats, attacks, clandestin­e operations, economic blackmail or influentia­l circles within the country no longer exist...The June 24 elections were by no means a domestic policy debate; they were a choice for this geopolitic­al change.

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