The losers play ‘Game of Thrones’

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…Yesterday, I talked to Ali Topuz, one of the leaders of the movement that carried the CHP to power in the 1970s. First of all, I asked if the CHP have a leadership problem? His answer was yes, “of course, but the primary problem is democratiz­ation and restructur­ing the party on the basis of both members and organizati­ons. The vision and ideology of the party needs to be made clear again. As long as these are not managed, establishi­ng a dialogue with the people is not possible by changing leaders.”…Topuz adds, “Ince has done a very valuable job so he is not someone that can be neglected. It is wrong to say that the CHP has found its savior by only looking at his performanc­es at rallies because a person cannot save the CHP. A staff can.” Can Kilicdarog­lu and Ince come together after these public clashes? “They have to. If the chairman withdraws himself, things may be easier. So both Mr. Kilicdarog­lu and Ince have approaches that prioritize themselves. The problem cannot be solved unless they come to a point where they can come and work side by side.”

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