Venezuela eyes Turkish cooperatio­n in petrochemi­cals

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

Venezuela’s Pres dent, N colas Maduro, sa d last week that the country a med to get ahead n the f eld of petrochem cals n cooperat on w th Turkey. Speak ng at the Turkey-Venezuela Bus ness Forum n Istanbul, Maduro nv ted Turk sh bus nesspeople to nvest n all f elds n Venezuela. “Venezuela has cert f ed reserves. We may progress nol product on n var ous f elds. We are open to developmen­t,” he sa d. Maduro stated that h s country wants to ach eve the dream of a better world, where people l ve happ ly, wh le po nt ng out Turkey’s advantageo­us geograph cal locat on for global trade.

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