Greatness awaits us

Dünya Executive - - POLITICS -

Now we will head out. Our eyes, our faces will be turned toward the horizon. Now we will build a Turkey whose voice will be heard abroad, whose power will be felt outside of the country more than inside…We are becoming Seljuk and Ottoman again. We are embarking on a new upward trajectory for the Republic of the 20th Century. We are setting the foundation for the third largest wave in this region. That’s what we witnessed at the Presidenti­al Palace on Monday, and that excites everybody who is aware of this testimony. From now on we will be the first to notice how Turkey will be perceived in Europe, Asia and Africa. No one should dream of conducting operations on our soil again. This country does not only give power to the central government, it builds a whole new system, it builds a whole new structure, it sets the foundation of a brand new foundation, it restructur­es all the details of systematic transforma­tion, it prepares for centuries with the experience of centuries.




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