Turkish trams to enter Poland


The world’s 7th largest tram producer, Durmazlar of Bursa, has signed its first export agreement with EU member Poland. The company, which won a 20 million euro tender in February, will initially deliver 12 ‘Panorama’ trams to the eastern European nation and the Panorama is expected to begin its journey on the rails of Olsztyn in northeaste­rn Poland by 2020.

The agreement was signed last week between Olsztyn Mayor, Pietr Grzymowicz, and Dumazlar Holding Vice Chairman, Fatma Durmaz Yilbirlik. Speaking at the ceremony, attended by the Polish Embassy’s commercial councelor Atilla Gokhan Kizilarsla­n, Grzymowicz noted that Durmazlar was the only company that fulfilled all the requiremen­ts for his city of 123,000 and its plan to build an 11km railway, with a 7km extension also in the works.

Open ng the gates of Europe

Yilbirlik pointed out that Durmazlar has been operating in the machinery sector for 65 years, exporting to 120 countries, including serving Polish industrial­ists for more than 30 years. This next stage of the relationsh­ip, headed by their rail systems group, Durmaray, will proudly serve the needs of the Polish people, she added.

“We are harvesting the fruits of the seeds that we planted in 2009,” Yilbirik said. “The first domestic tram will open the gate to Europe via Poland. As honorary consul of the Republic of Poland in Bursa, establishi­ng bridges in culture and the economy between the two countries was one of my most important goals. Only because of these relationsh­ips can we get closer.”

Dumaray’s growth in design, software, assembly, testing and commission­ing processes in the field of urban rail systems manufactur­ing and technology has been supported by Durmazlar Makine, which has been producing heavy machinery since 1956. Today, Durmazlar Makine produces 8,000 machines that support production in 120 countries every year in three separate factories with 150,000 square meters indoor area and high technology.

Self-made company

Durmazlar, a global brand in machinery, entered the rail systems sector with Durmaray in 2009. Today, Durmazlar has 98 trams and light rail system vehicles operating in various cities around Turkey. Durmazlar, which is also the producer of the world’s seventh largest tram brand, ‘Ipekbocegi,’ uses sensor technologi­es and software it has developed on its trams. The software enables Panorama vehicles to make instant recordings of thousands of variables related to sub-systems such as vehicle control unit, drive, door and brakes. Events that occur in the vehicle are monitored instantane­ously and future situations can be detected using Big Data.

Durmazlar exports to 120 countries with its 80 distributo­rs. Nearly 80 percent of the manufactur­ed machines are purchased by companies in advanced industrial countries like the U.S., European Union nations and Australia.

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