UPS looking to strengthen its foothold in Turkey

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American logistics giant UPS is expanding its investment­s in Turkey. The company is establishi­ng a ‘gateway’ to Istanbul’s new airport from its $2 billion investment budget, which it has set aside for Europe under its five-year strategic plan. There is also a company purchase on the agenda for Daniel Carrera, UPS Europe CEO, who said that Turkey is a very important market for investment for UPS. The company also opened two new facilities in England and France, prior to establishi­ng a major hub within Istanbul’s ongoing third airport project. “Turkey is one of the most dependable companies in which you can invest both in terms of its infrastruc­ture, businesses and human capital,” Carrera said.

Operating in more than 220 countries and territorie­s, UPS delivers more than 20 million packages worldwide every day. With global revenues of $66 billion in 2017, the company has more than 400,000 employees worldwide. In Turkey, UPS employs 2,100 people and operates in 81 provinces with a 500-vehicle fleet and 3,000 square meters of storage space.

UPS offers small package, freight forwarding, warehousin­g and supply chain services in the domestic and internatio­nal transporta­tion areas. In line with its growth targets in Europe, UPS had allocated $2 billion for investment­s in this region between 2015 and 2020. Carrera pointed out that investment­s to Turkey have accelerate­d. “We are going to establish a major air hub which we call ‘gateway’ in Istanbul’s third airport. We also have a plan to build a new transfer center in Istanbul. We strive to invest in the points our customers need. We will continue to do this. We are expanding our service network and extending our services in line with our customers’ requests. It may be that the company will also invest in different areas which may include a company purchase in Turkey,” he added.

“Turkey is really growing and a very important market full of opportunit­ies. It is the right partner for us. We have a very optimistic view of the third airport project. This project is one of the investment­s that will allow Turkey to be a major player in the global sense. Foreign investors will increase their interest in Turkey after its completion.”

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