It will take time to take in such a big change


Are we aware that the new constituti­onal order will also change the relationsh­ip between our social and political structures for hundreds of years? The old order we know as “the tutelary system” was founded on the relationsh­ip between “the elected and the appointed.” In the presidenti­al system, the President, who is now elected by the people, also has the power to change the structure of those appointed as heads of the executive. Thus, the bicameral system of state administra­tion is ending. At the same time, the “District” comes to the “Center” through democracy. Let’s see if we will experience any difference­s as we transition to the new order from the old one that has been around for centuries...The center changed with the new constituti­onal order; the power of the appointed, or “Tutelary Democracy”, came to an end. The deep state and the normal state have been combined in the person of the President, who is elected by the people. The “Undersecre­taries” are to be “Directors”; the “Council of Ministers” will become the “Cabinet”; the “vote of confidence” has evaporated. These are some indicators of the new order. Now the ministers are not looking to the parliament for a vote of confidence but only for the President’s confidence in themselves.

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