Bad math


The argument is that the main opposition came out as a credible opposition after the election based on the fact that Muharrem Ince changed the CHP’s destiny, which has not been able to attract 25 percent of the vote for many years. Ince received more than 30 percent of votes even though the party itself remained at 22 percent...Well, if the person who achieved this becomes the leader of the party, the argument goes, the CHP’s inability to attract new voters will end.

But these CHP people are messing up the arithmetic. Muharrem Ince participat­ed in the election as a candidate of the CHP but was only able to get 30 percent of the votes because of the alliance with the GOOD Party and Felicity Party, and with a little bit of help from the HDP… It is of course always possible to change the leader through a congress but the argument in favor of new leadership based on the results of the June 24 election remains quite superficia­l... The system has changed. The AK Party is planning to change the system in a way that favors its position as Turkey’s most powerful political force. The CHP does not even realize this.

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