IPOs may continue in the last quarter with listings abroad as well

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

Turkey saw a large number of n t al publ c offer ngs n the f rst half of 2018, float ng Trabzon Port, Enerj sa, Med kal Park, Sok Markets and a secondary publ c offer ng of Aselsan. The l st ngs came after a three-year drought.

However, the year w tnessed as many unsuccessf­ul attempts as successful l st ngs. DeFacto, Penta Teknoloj , Beymen all fa led n the r IPO b ds. Some of them, l ke DeFacto, are rumored to try aga n n the last quarter on the back of the r s x- or n ne-month f nanc als.

Compan es that have announced an IPO plan n the past, l ke Memor al, Aksa Dogalgaz and Baskent Dogalgaz, have put the r plans on hold before after see ng a relat vely low demand n the prev ous IPOs.

Some new compan es could also make an attempt, e ther at the end of the year or early next year. Borsa Istanbul, Pent and Turkcell Superonl ne are expected to conduct offer ngs n Borsa Istanbul.

There are also compan es look ng to l st abroad, l ke Plad s, a London-based ent ty fully owned by Turk sh Y ld z Hold ng. Plad s recently announced the acqu s t on of controll ng stakes n Ulker, br ng ng together Un ted B scu t and Ulker under the same parent company.

Known for ts amb t on to l st n the London Stock Exchange as the th rd b ggest b scu t and snacks manufactur­er globally, Plad s’ plan was h t by the unexpected Brex t vote, after wh ch t dec ded to delay unt l t sees favorable market cond t ons.

Standard Prof l s another Turk sh company, owned by Actera Group, that plans a l st ng n London. The automot ve seal ng systems manufactur­er has seven fac l t es around the world w th OEM customers. Others are look ng to the U.S. for the r offer ngs, nclud ng Logo and TAB G da.

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