On the chopping block

Dünya Executive - - POLITICS - MEHMET BARLAS

What President Erdogan said before flying to South Africa was the most gnomic summary of the new constituti­onal system...Erdogan summarized the key point regarding the system’s appointees as follows: “In this system, there is no final point to this. Those appointed can be removed from office at any moment. We prioritize success here. We are obliged to be successful. We are going to succeed.”...Only after the July 15 coup d’etat we were able to fully abolish the totalitari­an ideologica­l tutelage over the pluralist and libertaria­n democracy...I wish at least the delegates could immediatel­y discharge the party executives who cannot win an election, just like the president in the new constituti­onal system can discharge unsuccessf­ul appointees. Because those who can manage to keep their seats despite their failure cannot be successful. They can only be opportunis­ts who exploit the weaknesses of the system.

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