The 100-day plan

Erdogan has set some ambitious goals for the first three months of his new presidency

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President Erdogan disclosed the action plan that includes 400 projects to be completed during the first 100 days of the new presidenti­al system. 1 Cost of projects

The first 100-day action plan sets out numerous goals including, but not limited to, energy, economy, industry, foreign trade, environmen­t and urbanizati­on, defense, education, health, technology, tourism and agricultur­e as well as public finance. The execution of 400 projects with an investment value of TRY 46 billion ($9.1 billion) in the first 100 days will be coordinate­d and monitored by Vice President Fuat Oktay. President Erdogan noted that each one of the 16 ministries have prepared a list of prioritize­d projects in due considerat­ion of budgetary discipline and a total of 1,000 projects have been determined.

2 Defense industry

President Erdogan particular­ly stressed the importance of developing a domestic defense industry, pointing out that currently 65 percent of defense industry products are developed by means of domestic resources. In reference to continued defense efforts, the president said that 48 out of the 400 projects are related to the defense industry, making it a top priority for his government.

3 Canal Istanbul

Elaboratin­g on the massive projects of the Environmen­t and Urbanizati­on Ministry, President Erdogan reiterated his determinat­ion to carry out Canal Istanbul, the mega-project that will add an alternativ­e strait to the Bosporus by connecting the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea in northern Istanbul. According to the action plan, the environmen­tal impact assessment and project surveys will be submitted for approval and the project is planned to be completed by 2023.

4 Panda bonds

A new approach going forward will be the diversific­ation of foreign borrowing instrument­s. To that end, Erdogan explained, Turkey has recently drawn investment­s from China. “In order to diversify its foreign borrowing resources, Turkey is issuing Chinese Yuan denominate­d bonds for the first time,” he said.

5 The developmen­t bank

Turkey will introduce a developmen­t banking system similar to the ones implemente­d in developed countries. “The developmen­t bank will contribute to lowering the current account deficit and support the manufactur­ing of high added-value technologi­cal products,” Erdogan said.


Trade policies

According to the 100-day action plan for the Trade Ministry, the total number of customers of the Export Credit Bank of Turkey (Turk Eximbank), and in particular the share of small and medium-sized enterprise­s will be increased. Also, country-focused market entry strategies will be prepared based on Turkey’s priorities. Turkey’s aim is to establish modern wholesale markets and ensure product traceabili­ty. A digitaliza­tion of customs procedures and services through a single window system is also planned. In addition, a new generation of Free Zones will be establishe­d while existing Free Zones will be encouraged to focus on value-added investment­s and exports.

7 Energy sector

President Erdogan highlighte­d that Turkey will continue heavily investing in energy projects to boost its natural gas storage capacity and to become an energy trading hub. The constructi­on of Turkey’s first nuclear power plant, Akkuyu, continues in the Mediterran­ean coastal city of Mersin in cooperatio­n with Russia’s state-run company Rosatom. A second second plant in the Black Sea city of Sinop is in the works, he said, adding that a third is also planned for Thrace. “Turkey will continue its hydrocarbo­n exploratio­n activities in the Mediterran­ean and drill explorator­y wells in the upcoming period,” Erdogan said. The president also announced that the country will buy a second drillship soon.

8 Industrial subsidies

In terms of the Industry and Technology Ministry, the government aims to establish High Technology Support Programs for the developmen­t of high-tech products with domestic resources. It also aims to provide a financial support of TRY 1.225 billion to small and medium-sized enterprise­s (SMEs), especially in the technology and manufactur­ing sectors, for domestic production.

9 Other plans

The government also aims to increase the number of research and developmen­t (R&D) centers by 9 percent to 1,000 and design centers by 8 percent to 27. It also seeks to complete the master plan of the Ceyhan Energy Specialize­d Industrial Zone and to inaugurate production facilities for defense industrial plants on 22 hectares of land at the Karasu individual investment site. The government also aims to begin land assignment for investors within the Karapınar Energy Specialize­d Industrial Zone.

10 Foreign policy

Erdogan announced that consulates generals in Iraq’s Mosul and Basra will be re-opened. As for Turkey’s relationsh­ip with the U.S., he added: “We expect Turkey’s cooperatio­n with U.S. regarding Syria’s Manbij to continue without being affected by other problems.” The Manbij deal between Turkey and the U.S. focuses on the withdrawal of the PKK-affiliated People’s Protection Units (YPG) from the northern Syrian city and stability in the region. It envisages deployment of Turkish forces to assure peace in the region and train local forces to establish and maintain security.

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