It’s not the priest, the deal is even bigger…


The actual reason for the latest decision by the U.S. administra­tion, sanctions on Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul and Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu – an immoral blackmail - is not Pastor Brunson! The target is not just the two ministers but the whole country!…The target is Turkey’s liberation, its independen­ce. It is Turkey’s actions as leader of the new millennium, its eliminatio­n of the West as an ally, going its own way, rapprochem­ent with new emerging powers in the world, turning its face for the first time to Asia...Because Turkey, which is now oan its way to a bright future, can’t be stopped. They are taking the revenge on this. The revenge is much bigger than you think because it will shape the coming centuries. The two hands of the U.S. in this country are being cut off. The PKK and FETO are being eliminated. The reason for the final sanction decision is these two issues. It will continue and we have to be prepared for this…So a whole new struggle has begun…Everyone who thinks they belong to these lands should act now. The U.S. is an open threat! Successive attacks will continue but Turkey will never take a step back.

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