Evangelica­l America


Donald Trump is a typical representa­tive of authoritar­ian populist movements that poison our time…But he also has the “evangelism” feature…Being an evangelist, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence belongs to the same congregati­on as Pastor Brunson. We can call it “the same sect”.

Trump, of course, chose Pence as his vice-president for precisely this reason. Thus, he perceived a political and legal problem, such as Brunson’s imprisonme­nt, as a “religious problem” in the eyes of evangelica­ls. We are faced with a serious problem when we think about the YPG, FETO, F-35, Halk Bankasi and Hakan Atilla and the Iran embargo together. Postponeme­nt of the delivery of F-35s to Turkey was adopted last week in the 100-member U.S. Senate with 85 votes! Now the decision is awaiting Trump’s signature. Only 10 senators voted in Turkey’s favor. But Turkey’s “hostage diplomacy”, or the perception that it is making arrests for “swap” purposes, has hurt our reputation…Now while the evangelica­ls impose sanctions against Turkey, the country no longer has lobbying power in America, or it is very weak. A bill, which will make it harder for Turkey to borrow from some institutio­ns, is still on the agenda!

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