Opposition advice


Turkey’s opposition parties offer their own roadmaps to fix the

economic crisis

The economy is back on the agenda of political parties following recent developmen­ts. While leaders raised a number of proposals for economic management developed by their own economic advisors, they also asked the parliament to convene to deal with the economic crisis. There were also political parties that wanted President Erdogan and the economic administra­tion to schedule an economic summit to inform political party leaders of the government’s plans. As the fluctuatio­n in the economy continues, the political parties have made recommenda­tions in terms of the measures to be taken in the short and medium terms. Here are their key features:

CHP: End popul st rhetor c n fore gn pol cy

A system based on competence should be rebuilt in the state. The rule of law and its protection must be ensured. The independen­ce of the Central Bank must be ensured. A rational hot money management plan should be adopted. The Turkish lira should be used in tenders. The public procuremen­t law must be changed. The Court of Accounts, which monitors where taxes are paid, should go back to its internatio­nal standards. Extra budgetary funds should be abolished. All structures like Housing Developmen­t Administra­tion (TOKI) must be removed. The rhetoric of populism in foreign politics should be defeated. Uncontroll­ed borrowing should be stopped. There must be a constituti­onal rule for it, there should be limits and rules, and these should be brought to the parliament. Tax policy must be amended. An economic policy that prioritize­s production should be adopted. The economy of waste should be abolished and saving in the public sector should take priority.

MHP: A stable and strateg c econom c v s on must be grounded n pol t cal w ll

Tight monetary and fiscal policy must be implemente­d. Saving measures should be taken and extended in the public sector. Budget discipline should not be violated. Supply should be increased in order to slow the high demand for foreign exchange. The Central Bank and the Monetary Policy Board should follow the developmen­ts closely and should not be late for obligatory interventi­ons. The use of Turkish lira should be encouraged, foreign currency-denominate­d rent, highway and bridge tolls should be restructur­ed with the national currency. An effective struggle against inflation and current account deficit should be initiated. Possible bankruptci­es must be avoided. A very stable and strategic economic vision must be grounded in political will. An economic model based on production should be adopted as soon as possible. Stockpilin­g must be prevented and economic mobilizati­on must be declared. Structural problems must be eliminated quickly to consolidat­e macro- and microecono­mic balances. Global alliances and relationsh­ip networks must be re-evaluated. Priority and importance should be given to the production of domestic and national products in order to reduce import dependency. Efforts should be made at the high levels on economic equality, freedom, justice and security.

GOOD Party: L ra should be adopted n PPP project and publ c tenders

The state of law must be made functional with all its mechanisms. National interests should be taken into account in foreign policy and populist rhetoric that increase tensions should be avoided. TURKSTAT should be upgraded to European Union standards as soon as possible in terms of data reliabilit­y. Competence should be establishe­d in autonomous institutio­ns like the Central Bank, Banking Regulation and Supervisio­n Agency, Capital Markets Board and Saving Deposit Insurance Fund. Central Bank independen­ce in choosing its instrument­s should be guaranteed. A holistic agricultur­al policy must be establishe­d. Budget discipline must be re-establishe­d. ‘Asset Fund’ and similar institutio­ns should be liquidated and their assets should be included in the budget and subject to the Court of Accounts audit. All unproducti­ve expenditur­es, such as authority vehicles, service buildings and other current expenditur­es, leading to waste and corruption in all public institutio­ns and organizati­ons, especially the Presidenti­al Office, should be abolished immediatel­y. The Turkish lira should be adopted in big PPP projects and public tenders. Statements that would suggest non-market control and restrictio­ns should be avoided.

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