Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

b ll on wh le budget expend tures amounted to TRY 60.7 b ll on and the budget surplus came n at TRY 1.1 b ll on. In the January-July per od, budget revenues rose by 18.1 percent to TRY 415.4 b ll on, wh le budget expend tures rose by 22.5 percent to TRY 460.4 b ll on. Thus, the 7-month def c t ncreased by 85 percent to TRY 45 b ll on. The pr mary balance, wh ch had a surplus of TRY 8.4 b ll on n the January-July per od of last year, also ended n def c t terr tory, TRY 3 b ll on, n the same per od of th s year.

W th the 9.4 percent decrease n VAT generated n July compared to the prev ous year, the ncrease n SCT was kept at 0.6 percent and nterest expend tures ncreased by 41.3 percent. Tax revenues ncreased by 8.3 percent, wh le mport revenues, wh ch rose to 52.4 percent, boosted total tax revenues n July.

On the other hand, the ncrease n fuel pr ces, wh ch have not been reflected n reta l pr ces s nce June, has been met by the SCT and the decrease n SCT on motor veh cles has been reflected negat vely on the revenue s de n parallel w th the contract on n the automot ve market.

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