Turkish Treasury to repay over $7 billion debt in Q4 of 2018

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

The Turk sh Treasury w ll repay debts worth

TRY 43.2 b ll on (around $7.2 b ll on) n the last quarter of th s year, the M n stry of Treasury and F nance announced on September 28.

The m n stry noted that 35.4 percent of these payments would go to external cred tors. The Treasury w ll repay TRY 15.3 b ll on ($2.54 b ll on) of external debts, nclud ng TRY 4.7 b ll on ($780 m ll on) n nterest payments. Dur ng th s per od, nearly TRY 27.8 b ll on (4.6 b ll on) of domest c debt redempt on s also projected, 32.4 percent of wh ch w ll be nterest payments wh le the rest w ll pay down the pr nc pal. Accord ng to the domest c borrow ng strategy, the m n stry has projected TRY 29.3 b ll on (around $4.86 b ll on) of domest c borrow ng from the market through auct ons and there w ll be no planned external borrow ng n the October-December per od.

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