Turkey: Net external debt stock totals $300 billion in H1 2018

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

Turkey’s net external debt stock amounted to $300.4 b ll on as of June 30 th s year, the

M n stry of Treasury and F nance announced on September 28. The m n stry sa d that Turkey’s rat o of net external debt stock to gross domest c product (GDP) was 34.1 percent at the end of f rst half of th s year. The country’s gross external debt stock totaled $457 b ll on n the same per od, a rat o of GDP of 51.8 percent. The pr vate sector’s share n gross external debt was 69.4 percent w th some $220 b ll on cons st ng of long-term debts (more than one year matur ty). As of June, the Turk sh publ c sector’s share n total fore gn debt was nearly 30 percent - around $24 b ll on to be pa d back n the shortterm and some $115 b ll on n the long-term.

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