Turk Eximbank meets investors in London

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A group of off c als from Turk Ex mbank met 16 nvestment nst tut ons n the U.K. between September 24 and 26, accord ng to a statement on September 28. The Turk Ex mbank delegat on, headed by the bank’s general manager, Adnan Y ld r m, n coord nat on w th ING Bank came together n London w th several f nanc al nst tut ons, such as PIMCO,

F del ty, Ashmore and F n sterre Cap tal.

Accord ng to the statement, Turkey’s economy and the upcom ng developmen­ts n the bank ng sector, as well as Turk Ex mbank’s f nanc al structure, were the ma n top cs of d scuss on dur ng the meet ngs. A ser es of meet ngs were also held w th asset management, nsurance and hedge fund compan es, wh ch e ther hold portfol os of bonds ssued by Turk Ex mbank or have the potent al to nvest. Over the past year, the bank sa d t has conducted meet ngs w th 97 fore gn nvestment and f nanc al nst tut ons n 16 c t es s nce 2017 n the Gulf reg on, Japan, the U.S., Hong Kong, Ta pe , Frankfurt, Zur ch, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and V enna. S nce Turk Ex mbank was founded n 1987, t has conducted nternat onal cred t, guarantee, and cred t nsurance programs a med at develop ng econom c and pol t cal relat ons between Turkey and other countr es.

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