Turkey’s power generation rises 1.7 percent in July

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Turkey’s electr c ty product on ncreased by 1.7 percent n July compared to the same month

last year, accord ng to the latest data by the country’s energy watchdog. Total product on reached approx mately 28.5 m ll on k lowatthour­s (kWh), up from 28 m ll on n July 2017, Turk sh Energy Market Regulatory Author ty (EMRA) announced n ts electr c ty market report for July 2018. Turkey produced ts electr c ty from several resources - 37.4 percent from natural gas, 18.7 percent from hard coal, 16.4 percent from hydroelect­r c plants and

13.6 percent from l gn te. K net c energy from r vers, w nd, geothermal, b omass, fuel o l, solar, d esel and LNG suppl ed the rema n ng share. Consumpt on n the ndustr al sector had the b ggest share at 39.4 percent, followed by the commerc al sector w th 30.5 percent. Res dent al consumpt on came th rd w th 20.9 percent wh le street l ght ng and agr cultural rr gat on accounted for the rema nder.

Turkey’s nstalled electr c ty capac ty was up

4.4 percent n July on a yearly bas s. Natural gas power plants compr sed 31.5 percent, wh le 24.9 percent came from hydroelect­r c plants, and 11.3 percent from l gn te plants. Hard coal, hydro, w nd, geothermal, fuel o l, b omass and solar power also contr buted to Turkey’s nstalled capac ty.

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