Turkey exports 177 tonnes of small fish to 11 countries

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Turkey has exported 177 tonnes of hams , a small local f sh, to 11 countr es s nce the open ng of the f sh ng season on September 1, accord ng to data comp led by Anadolu Agency. The revenues from exports of hams - also called European anchovy - n September reached $928,023, up 87 percent from the same per od last year, data from the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Assoc at on (DKIB) showed. The volume of hams exports also rose 96 percent n the f rst month of the

f sh ng season, wh le t stood at 90 tonnes dur ng the same per od n 2017, w th some $495,150 of revenue. Saffet Kalyoncu, cha rman of the DKIB, noted that they have rece ved “s gn f cant demand” for hams from European countr es. The data showed the top buyer of Turk sh hams n September was France ($372,165), followed by Belg um ($303,211) and the U.S. ($138,998).

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