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Accord ng to Turkey’s Stat st cal Inst tute (TurkStat), September CPI reached ts h ghest level n 17 years on a monthly bas s w th an ncrease of 6.3 percent. The annual ncrease of 24.52 percent was also the h ghest level n the last 15 years. Consumer nflat on ncreased by 19.37 percent s nce the beg nn ng of the year. The pr ce of 339 tems n the nflat on

basket of 407 ncreased wh le 18 fell and the pr ce of 50 tems rema ned unchanged. Accord ng to the ma n expend ture groups, the monthly ncrease n food and non-alcohol c beverages, wh ch make up 23.03 percent of the nflat on basket, was 6.4 percent. The monthly ncrease was 11.4 percent n household goods, 9.15 percent n transporta­t on and 7.42 percent n var ous goods and serv ces. The h ghest annual ncrease among these tems was household goods at 37.28 percent, followed by transporta­t on at 36.61 percent and var ous goods and serv ces at 30.61 percent. The annual ncrease n food and non-alcohol c beverages was 27.7 percent.

Annual D-PPI takes major h t n energy costs

The D-PPI, wh ch shows the change n the pre-sales pr ces of the products produced n Turkey, exclud ng taxes, ncreased by 10.88 percent month-on-month and 46.15 percent year-on-year. The h ghest monthly ncrease was n electr c ty and gas at 40.2 percent. The annual ncrease n th s sector was 71.88 percent and the year-to-date ncrease was 72.01 percent. The annual ncrease was 44.77 percent n the manufactur ng ndustry, 37.2 percent n m n ng and quarry ng and 8.64 percent n water costs.

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