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percent. Accord ng to the SPM est mates, non-agr cultural unemployme­nt ncreased by 0.6 po nts to 12.7 percent. SPM Researcher, P nar Kaynak, stated that exports decreased by 9 percent compared to the prev ous month n June, mports of nvestment goods decl ned by 12 percent and mports of raw mater als by 19 percent. “Cons der ng the mport nput dependency of product on, these developmen­ts may be a s gnal of a slowdown n product on. Dur ng the same per od, the ndustr al product on ndex (IPI) decreased by 13.7 po nts and the seasonally- and calendar adjusted IPI by 2.4 po nts. It s not surpr s ng that th s contract on s reflected n the labor markets for July,” she added. The off c al unemployme­nt rate for July w ll be announced on October 15.

Downward trend n capac ty ut l zat on rates

The SPM study stated that the Manufactur ng Industry

Capac ty Ut l zat on Rate for July, wh ch s calculated based on the responses of manufactur ng f rm managers to the CBRT Bus ness Tendency Survey, decreased by 0.7 percentage po nts compared to July 2017 and 78.3 percent n June. Th s f gure s reported to be 0.4 po nts h gher n May.

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