Turkish private sector loans from abroad down in August

Dunya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

Outstand ng pr vate sector loans rece ved from abroad fell n August compared to the end of 2017, the Central Bank announced Tuesday. Exclud ng trade cred ts, the pr vate sector’s short-term loans totaled $17 b ll on, mark ng a $1.6 b ll on decl ne from the end of last year, w th 77.8 percent cons st ng of l ab l t es owned by f nanc al nst tut ons, accord ng to the bank. As of August, long-term loans amounted to $219.4 b ll on, fall ng $2.4 b ll on over the same per od, wh le nonf nanc al nst tut ons’ share of the debt was 50.5 percent.

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