Turk Eximbank’s provides $30 billion in export support

Dunya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

Turk Ex mbank prov ded more than $30 b ll on of export support n the f rst n ne months of 2018, accord ng to the bank’s cha rman on Thursday. Speak ng to Anadolu Agency’s F nance Desk, CEO Adnan Y ld r m sa d the total export support s expected to reach $43-44 b ll on by the year’s end. The bank’s target was to support Turkey’s exports w th $46 b ll on th s year, up 17 percent from 2017. “We were work ng w th 7,700 exporters before 2017.

Th s number w ll reach 10,600 by November

8,” Y ld r m added. S nce Turk Ex mbank was founded n 1987, the bank has conducted export cred t, buyer cred t, cred t nsurance, and guarantee programs a med at develop ng econom c and pol t cal relat ons between Turkey and other countr es.

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