Tesla stops its investment in Turkey

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Tesla, the U.S. electric automotive giant, has canceled its plan to open a store in Zorlu Center, Istanbul, due to a complete standstill of orders in Turkey, Aysel Yucel of daily DUNYA reported. The move also ends any chance that the Model 3, long-awiated around the world and likely to be launched in the European market in February, will not come to Turkey in the medium term.

The U.S company had started to publish job adverts in Turkey in June, following the announcement of the Turkey investment by Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO. The adverts asked for applications to be sent to an address at the Zorlu Center. In the midst of the tariff crisis between the U.S. and Turkey, Turkey appl ed an additional 60 percent tax on cars imported from the U.S. n June and increased it to 120 percent in August. After this, new orders for Tesla cars came to a halt and exust ng orders were sent back from customs. Ferhat Albayrak, General Manager of luxury car sales market leader S&S Motors, has announced that the U.S. brand stopped ts nvestment plans n Turkey. Tesla had announced that t would prov de both sales and serv ce n Turkey.

Not a s ngle order

“There is still no demand for Tesla, in light of the additional customs tax.” Albayrak told DUNYA. “In addition, potential customers have had their orders left in limbo due to the cancellat on of Tesla’s nvestment. When the additional tax rate rose to 120 percent, Tesla stopped ts activities here completely. It’s nearly impossible for a normal consumer to buy Tesla because now it will not have any service centers here.”

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