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Kenya, Cote d’Ivo re, Turkey and Rwanda.

Together, the 10 most mproved econom es mplemented a total of 62 bus ness regulatory reforms across all areas measured by the report, such as start ng a bus ness, gett ng cred t and pay ng taxes (w th e ght reforms n each area), the report stated.

“Th s very d verse set of econom es ncludes some of the largest and the smallest n the world, show ng that econom es of all s zes can be successful reformers n Do ng Bus ness,” t sa d.

Turkey’s reforms nvolve nst tut onal changes

As stated n the Do ng Bus ness report, n Europe and Central As a, Azerba jan mplemented e ght reforms mak ng t eas er to do bus ness n 2017/18, a record number among the 10 most mproved wh le Turkey mplemented seven reforms.

Several of these nvolve nst tut onal changes. In Turkey, the government’s reform effort focused on mprov ng the electron c process ng of documents and prov d ng more nformat on on spec f c regulat ons.

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