Guris Holding opens Kosovo’s first WPP

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Guris Holding has completed its first renewable electricit­y generation investment abroad and put it into operation. The Kitka Wind Power Plant (Kitka WPP), establishe­d in Kosovo near the border with Serbia, consists of nine 3.6 MW wind turbines. The power plant, with an installed capacity of 32.4 MW, will meet 2.3 percent of Kosovo’s total electricit­y consumptio­n, according to 2017 figures, with an annual production of 95.6 million kilowatt-hours (kWh). A similar plant will soon kick off in Ukraine.

Guris Holding used its own resources rather than external finances for the project, with a total expenditur­e of $63 million. Company officials expect that the plant will fully pay off in 8-10 years.

Idris Yamantürk, the Founding Chairman of Guris Holding, said in a speech at the opening of Kitka WPP that Guris has more than 160 projects like this in many countries. “We will continue our activities in renewable energy in Turkey and the world,” he added.

Guris Holding’s investment in Ukraine, a 32.4 MW wind power plant which was launched with an investment of $70 million, is expected to enter commercial electricit­y production before the end of the year.

12-year pr ce and sales guarantee

The Kitka WPP plant will be operated by Air Energy, Guris Holding’s company in Kosova. According to the agreement between Air Energy and Kosovo’s electricit­y system operator, KOSTT, the electricit­y generated will be purchased at a price of 8.5 euro cents per kilowatt-hour for 12 years. The plant, which consists of 9 MW GE 3.6 MW (110 meter tower height and 137 meter rotor diameter) turbines, started to produce commercial electricit­y on October 11.

Guris Holding has applied to install two new wind plants in Kosovo, each with a total capacity of 35 MW. If the network operator opens additional connection capacity, Guris will launch these investment­s. However, company officials do not expect additional capacity to be opened in the short term.

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