Pakistan invites Turkey to join $64 billion megaprojec­t

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Pak stan has nv ted Turkey to jo n the mult b ll on-dollar Ch na-Pak stan Econom c Corr dor (CPEC) project, wh ch would benef t both countr es, off c al med a sa d November 8. Accord ng to state-run Rad o Pak stan, Asad Qa ser, speaker of the Nat onal Assembly, nv ted Turkey to jo n CPEC wh le speak ng w th Turkey’s ambassador to Pak stan Ihsan Mustafa

Yurdakul n h s off ce at Parl ament House n Islamabad. CPEC, a $64 b ll on megaprojec­t s gned n 2014, a ms to connect Ch na’s strateg cally mportant northweste­rn X nj ang prov nce to Pak stan’s Gwadar Port through a network of roads, ra lways and p pel nes to transport cargo, o l and gas. The econom c corr dor w ll not only prov de Ch na w th cheaper access to Afr ca and the M ddle East but w ll also earn Pak stan b ll ons of dollars for prov d ng trans t fac l t es to the world’s second-largest economy.

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