Turkey’s current account to show surplus: Survey

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

Turkey’s current account balance s expected to show a surplus of $1.97 b ll on on average n September, accord ng to an Anadolu Agency survey released on November 9. The current account surplus est mates of a group of 19 econom sts vary between $1.5 b ll on and

$2.5 b ll on. For the f rst t me n the past three years, Turkey’s current account balance posted a surplus n August, total ng $2.59 b ll on, mprov ng sharply from a $923 m ll on def c t n same month last year. The Anadolu Agency survey also showed on average that Turkey’s year-end current account def c t would be $35.7 b ll on - rang ng between $28.5 b ll on and $41 b ll on. The country’s balance of payments f gures for September w ll be released by the Turk sh Central Bank on November 12.

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