Surprise decision, PKK, U.S. and what’s the plan?


Of course, it was surprising that America put up rewards for the top three executives of the PKK. This decision also is proof and a confession that the U.S. has come to a dead end on the PKK problem and that the problem is a sticking point for the U.S.-Turkey relationsh­ip. The decision came after the Turkish Armed Forces’ bombed PKK/PYD forces in Syria twice and stated that it will enter “east of the Euphrates.” The United States is the main obstacle to ensuring the unity of Syria. The U.S.’s program and plan is clear: to create an increasing­ly autonomous separatist ‘structure’ under its control here. With 60-70,000 armed fighters, the U.S. wants to protect this separatist structure against Damascus, Russia, Iran (and Turkey.) It is the separatist power in Syria. This region, under its control, is also a guarantee for the U.S. for a ‘fragmentat­ion of Syria’. This power is also important for the use of the military option if necessary after the economic embargo developed against Iran. It is also necessary for their policy to keep the Middle East in constant war and to set people against each other.

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