Sanmar has been flooded by orders from Europe

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Sanmar, one of the world’s biggest tug boat giants, is still hungry for success in Europe. Sanmar, which exported its 21st tug boat to Danish Svitzerna this year, signed a contract to produce the 17th boat for Italy. Another new order came from Norway. The number of tug boats the company, which will complete 24 projects in 2018, has exported to 7 continents has approached 200. Sanmar Board Member Ali Gurun emphasized the importance of the re-ordering of the operators they have produced for before. “Our customers are very satisfied with our quality,” he said.

New agreement w th Italy

Sanmar, which is among the world’s three largest tug boat constructi­on companies with its shipyards in Tuzla and Yalova, has remarkable products such as world’s first tug boat that works with LNG, fist remotely controlled boat and first hydraulic-hybrid tug boat. The company adds to its successes every day, and last week signed a contract with Rimochitor­i Napolitani for Ramparts 2400 SX model and the Bogacay XXXV tug boats. Sanmar had delivered two towing boats from Ramparts 2200SX series (Sirapinar V-Sirapinar VI) before.

Together with the new contract, Sanmar produced three tug boats that will operate in the Port of Naples. Designed by Robert Allan Ltd., the Ramparts 2400SX model tug is highly preferred by tug boat operators with its relatively tractive force and its hull, which can handle the installati­on of more powerful machines. Three different Italian operators have expanded their existing fleet with the Bogacay Class Ramparts 2400SX model in order to meet the needs of the big ships they serve in the last three years.

S gns contract w th Norway for the 6th tow ng boat

Ali Gurun, Member of the Board of Directors of Sanmar, said that it is very valuable that towing boat operators they served before are giving new orders. “Our Italian customers are very satisfied with our quality. Similarly, in August last year, we signed a contract for the 6th tug boat with the Norwegian company Bugser og Berging, where we delivered five boats. In addition to our customers, we are also signing new contracts with the countries where we have not delivered before. Last week, we held the first welding ceremony of the Sirapinar VIII tug boat to be built for the PKL company based in Latvia. We are pleased to contribute to the country’s exports,” he said

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