Arresting domestic scientists while inviting others from abroad


Dear government: Your pressure on universiti­es is arbitrary and widespread. You make a call for scientists living abroad and try to create internatio­nal opportunit­ies for them. I support this. You do well. The country needs to have good science, high standards of science, science and technology production. The country’s need for high-level social scientists, lawyers, artists, high-level philosophe­rs, thinkers is also strong. You make a call for scientists abroad but on the other hand, your dependent legal system targets scientists and intellectu­als here and puts a ban on their leaving the country. Is this what you mean by calling for the return of scientists abroad: “Look, you will come and do your work here. You will not deal with democracy, law, or justice; they do not concern you...” Science is a whole, with its philosophy, art, and social sciences. Science flourishes in places where there is this whole, because they all feed each other and produce through interactin­g with each other. In this whole, what you will do if some oppose your rule, your unlawfulne­ss, your injustice and arbitrarin­ess? Will you arrest them? Never forget, all of those who come from abroad will have high political-social, legal consciousn­ess. To what kind of university environmen­t will you invite them? Could your rectors and deans create a merit system environmen­t? The high-level scientist you invite does not only require enough material conditions, but also a dynamic environmen­t based on scientific merit. Have you considered this?

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