Who gets what in the new budget


Negotiatio­ns over the 2019 budget at the Parliament­ary Budget Plan Committee have come to an end. The series of Committee meetings, in which a different ministry’s budget was handled every day, was an opportunit­y to evaluate ministries based on projects and targets they presented as a roadmap for 2019. The results, representi­ng the first budget of the Presidenti­al System, are as follows:

Ex mbank w ll prov de $48.4 b ll on support

In the licensed warehousin­g system of the Ministry of Commerce, the number of enterprise­s receiving permits has reached 144 while the number in operation has reached 62, with the total licensed capacity reaching nearly 3.1 million tonnes. The Turkey Specialize­d Products Exchange, in which shares of agricultur­al products are traded electronic­ally, will be operationa­l by the 2019 harvest period. The Halal Accreditat­ion Agency will start its activities in 2019. Eximbank will provide a $48.4 billion in cash loans and export credit insurance support to exporters in 2019, a 10 percent increase which will provide financing support to 27 percent of total exports. Renewal of the Hamzabeyli Customs Gate will be completed in 2019 and the Ipsala Customs Gate in 2020.

Prototype for Turkey’s f rst domest c car

Turkey’s Automobile Inıtiative Group, under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, aims to produce a prototype vehicle at the end of 2019. Over the course of the year, the number of R&D centers will be increased to 1,700. The infrastruc­ture of Ergene, Ercis, Sabanozu, Arsin and Alapli industral zones will be completed next year. Digital Transforma­tion Centers will be establishe­d in Ankara, Bursa, Kayseri, Izmir, Gaziantep and Mersin where industrial­ists can see firsthand applied digital transforma­tion initiative­s in a real production environmen­t and can receive consultati­on services. The Entreprene­ur Support Program of the Small and Medium Enterprise­s Developmen­t Organizati­on (KOSGEB) will be updated to meet the technologi­cal needs of enterprise­s and provide up to TRY 360,000 in support. The Industrial Property Company, which was establishe­d under the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office in order to accelerate the transforma­tion of the industrial property portfolio to commercial value, will be operationa­l in 2019.

Promot ng work safety

The Ministry of Labor and Social Services has taken steps to improve the conditions of workers and employers in 2019. Under the Developmen­t of Occupation­al Health and Safety Culture program, the unemployme­nt premium paid by the employer per employee at a workplace classified as “very dangerous” that has more than 10 employees and where accidents resulting in fatalities or permanent incapacity have not occurred for three years will be reduced from two percent to one percent. This will be applied as of January 1, 2019. In order to provide the employer with informatio­n on how much the insured will benefit from the premium, based on prime income, and how much premium they will pay, an applicatio­n titled, “How much I will benefit from the incentive”, will be launched. Vocational training courses, on-thejob and entreprene­urship training programs will be increased to combat unemployme­nt.

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