Ulker ends partnershi­p with U.S. giant

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Yildiz Holding, which began its cooperatio­n with U.S. food giant Kellogg in November 2005, has decided to end its partnershi­p in November after 13 years. The shares of Yildiz Holding in Kellogg Med Food Trade Limited Company, which was establishe­d with a 50-50 share structure, will be taken over by the U.S. partner. Thus, Kellogg Med Gida, which is based in Istanbul, will be become wholly U.S.-owned.

Kellogg, one of the world’s largest companies in the cereal market, was producing cereals with the Ulker family, the owners of Yildiz Holding. The products sold under the brand Ulker-Kellogg ’s were produced at the Besler factory and sold by the Atlas Gida distributi­on network. In the 2005 agreement, it was announced that in the first phase, a 12-13 million euro investment would be made and then this amount would be increased.

Founded by Will Keith Kellogg in Michigan in 1906, the global brand was first produced under the name “Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company”. In 1922, the company was named “Kellogg’s” after the name of its founder. Selling cereal to 180 countries today, the company has factories in more than 20 countries and its turnover is around $15 billion. Among its 34,000 brands, the most well-known include Pringles, Sunshine, Eggo and Gardenburg­er.

In 2001, Kellogg acquired Keebler in the U.S. In 2012, it bought the world’s largest potato chips brand Pringles for $2.7 billion from Procter & Gamble. In 2018, Kellogg decided to stop its activities in Venezuela because of the country’s economic crisis.

Kellogg Med Gida has TRY 31.2 million in capital. Today, with a production capacity of 9,300 tonnes, it carries out its production at its facilities located in a covered area of 5,500 square meters in Istanbul’s Pendik district. Kellogg-Med, which has 43 products and packaging types, produces a range of cereal, from corn-rice to textured soy proteins produced at these these premises.

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