Wh ch company nvested n wh ch country?

Dünya Executive - - SECTOR -

• Beycel k Gestamp, wh ch bought a plant n

Roman a at the beg nn ng of

2017 n order to produce for

Dac a and Ford, dec ded to ncrease ts nvestments. The capac ty of the fac l ty, wh ch was establ shed w th an nvestment of $10 m ll on dollars, w ll be ncreased by a new plant nvestment of 10,000 square meters. The fac l ty has 500 employees.

• Coskunoz MA, wh ch was establ shed by Coskunoz

Hold ng’s subs d ary, Coskunoz Metal Form, and Ital an Magnetto, went ahead on an nvestment of 20 m ll on euros n Roman a. The plant w ll produce parts for 8 years for 12 d fferent models of the DACIA Logan ser es that Renault w ll launch n 2020. In 2019, the product on l ne w ll be act ve on a tr al bas s and n 2020 t w ll reach 27,000 tonnes of steel process ng capac ty. The factory w ll also send parts to Renault’s P test and Alger an factor es. The company a ms to have an n t al turnover of 37 m ll on euros at ts product on plant n Dragasan , Roman a, wh ch w ll be bu lt n a closed area of approx mately 13,000 square meters.

• Dogu Press, wh ch ncludes seal ng washers, lathes, njector body and sub-parts of the njector n ts product range, has started to nvest n Roman a.

The products to be produced n the factory, wh ch w ll be operat onal n 2020, w ll be sent to Ch na, the UK, France and Poland. When the nvestment s completed, the total capac ty w ll ncrease by 15 percent.

• Ak Otomot v, a subs d ary of Kucukoglu Hold ng, has also founded a company n Sloven a. Ak Otomot v s prepar ng to produce pedal assembl es and mechan sm parts for prem um segment veh cles such as Aud , Aston Mart n and Lamborgh n .

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