First Turkish shipyard approved for EU recycling list

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The final list of shipyards approved to handle the recycling of European flagships from December 31, 2018 has been published. Applicatio­ns from other facilities are being processed but the European Ship Recycling Regulation (SRR) kicks off with, as expected, 26 facilities, including three from outside the European Union. Those non-EU shipbreake­rs include two belonging to Leyal of Turkey, as well as Internatio­nal Shipbreaki­ng of Brownsvill­e, Texas.

The initial list does not include any yards in the Indian subcontine­nt, where the vast majority of ships globally are recycled. Some 11 Indian recyclers have applied to be included on the EU list, with two - Shree Ram Vessel Scrap and Priya Blue Industries, both of which are said to have undergone extensive improvemen­t - reported to be at an advanced stage.

Dimitri Ayvatoglu, head of special projects and external affairs at Leyal, said the breaker was very proud of being among the first facilities outside the EU - and the first and only so far from Turkey - to be on the list. Leyal said in a statement that the SRR is “currently regarded as the highest worldwide standard for the safe and environmen­tally sound recycling of ships and offshore units, which also includes in its scope the proper, final disposal of hazardous materials.”

“The EU is committed to reducing the impact of the EU ship- ping industry on the environmen­t, including through better protection of the environmen­t and workers in ship recycling,” Karmenu Vella, EU commission­er for the environmen­t, maritime affairs and fisheries, said. “The inclusion of the first yards outside the EU is a major milestone and recognitio­n of very significan­t efforts and resources dedicated by the concerned yards towards this goal. The updated list will increase the recycling capacity of the European list and give European ship owners a wider range of recycling options.”

Other facilities in Aliaga are also being prepared

Ersin Ceviker, one of the managers of Aliaga Ship Recycling Industrial­ists Associatio­n, pointed out that Turkish facilities have been working to become compatible with EU regulation­s for a while. “8 of 22 companies in Aliaga have completed their applicatio­n to the EU and four of them have already been audited,” Ceviker said. “Leyal, because of its successes, was the first company to be included on this list. The more companies that make the list, the more share we will get from the EU’s annual 2 million tonne ship recycling capacity.”

The EU Ship Recycling Regulation, which was published in 2013 by the European Commission, announced that EU-flagged vessels would be sent to listed countries that meet the requiremen­ts of the regulation­s. The process begins at the end of December.

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