Unemployme­nt rate at 11.4 percent in September

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The unemployme­nt rate n Turkey stood at 11.4 percent n September, the Turk sh Stat st cal Inst tute (TurkStat) announced December 17, up 0.8 percentage po nts from September 2017. The number of jobless aged 15 and over n the country rose to 3.75 m ll on, an annual r se of 330,000. Unemployme­nt was 11.1 percent n August. Youth unemployme­nt, nclud ng persons

aged 15-24, reached 21.6 percent, a 1.6 percentage po nt ncrease dur ng the same per od. The employment rate n September dropped to 47.8 percent - more than 29 m ll on people - down 0.1 percentage po nts from the same month last year. “Accord ng to the d str but on of employment by sector, 19.2 percent were employed n agr culture, 19.6 percent n ndustry, 6.9 percent n construct on and 54.3 percent n serv ces,” TurkStat sa d. The country’s labor force part c pat on rate ncreased by 0.4 percentage po nts year-on-year to 54 percent n September.

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