Will the U.S. really withdraw, or is this a tactical maneuver?


…Even though U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to “withdraw” leads to panic in the PKK, even though it leads to an internal political tremor in the U.S., even if the Secretary of Defense resigns, the partnershi­p between the U.S.-establishm­ent and terrorist organizati­ons will continue to threaten Turkey and the region . ... The US is not going to be able to hold out in this region: This is why it built a new axis in the south. Yet, let it be known that no matter what ploy they resort to, the U.S. has no chance of maintainin­g its presence in this region and never will. All their hopes have long been dashed. Their plans to reach the Mediterran­ean through northern Syria ended with Afrin. It ended with Turkey’s operations in northern Iraq. The gates to the East and West have been closed. It is right after this that the U.S., Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt built a new axis in the south. They lost their hope in the north. Regardless of how much support they give the PKK and other terrorist organizati­ons, it was never possible for them to hold out in the north anyway. The time will come when Turkey, Iran, Russia, the patriotic organizati­ons in the region, and as a matter of fact, even the regime in Damascus may have to fight alongside each other against the occupation of northern Syria. If “withdrawal” is being discussed today, one of the reasons behind it is the interventi­on in Afrin and Operation Euphrates Shield. If you do not leave your security and future to others’ initiative, you are a great state marching toward the future. Thus, our plans and interests in the east of the Euphrates cannot be left to any country’s initiative.

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