Central Bank reserves reach $91B in November

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

The Turk sh Central Bank announced on December 28 that ts off c al reserves amounted to $91 b ll on as of November 30. Total reserve assets jumped 5.6 percent n versus $86.2 b ll on at the end of October, the Bank’s nternat onal reserves and fore gn currency l qu d ty report showed. Fore gn currency reserves - n convert ble fore gn currenc es - totaled $70.2 b ll on, up 6.1 percent compared to the prev ous month wh le the Bank’s gold reserves - nclud ng gold depos ts and, f appropr ate, gold swaps - also rose by 4.4 percent on a monthly bas s to $19.3 b ll on. Desp te the monthly ncreases, the bank’s off c al reserves rema ned by 20.86 percent lower year-on-year, down from $115 b ll on at the end of November 2017. In m dDecember 2013, ts total reserves h t the r allt me peak at nearly $136 b ll on, nclud ng some $21 b ll on n gold reserves.

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