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the non-agr cultural unemployment rate ncreased by

0.2 percentage po nts to 13.3 percent. Accord ng to BETAM, there s a strong decrease n non-agr cultural employment but due to a concurrent decrease n the non-agr cultural labor force, the ncrease was l m ted to 0.2 percentage po nts. On the other hand, employment losses were recorded n all non-agr cultural sectors n the same per od. Employment decreased by 32,000 n manufactur ng, 29,000 n construct on and 50,000 n serv ces.

Data shows that n September 2018, those employed n non-agr cultural sectors decreased by 112,000 to 23,534,000 compared to August 2018. “In Turkey there s an ncreas ng trend n the labor force g ven that the populat on s young. In contrast to th s general trend, there s a substant al fall n labor force (66,000),” the BETAM report noted. As a result, the ncrease n the number of unemployed n non-agr cultural sectors was l m ted to 46,000 and the number of unemployed reached 3,610,000 and the non-agr cultural unemployment rate ncreased to 13.3 percent, t sa d.

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