Top Turkish officials in Moscow for talks on Syria

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Russ a and Turkey have reached an understand ng on tak ng further steps over Syr a, Russ an Fore gn M n ster Sergey Lavrov sa d on Saturday. Three major top cs were d scussed at today’s meet ng n Moscow between h gh-powered Turk sh and Russ an off c als -- nclud ng the fore gn and defense m n sters, and pres dent al a des -- on the Syr an peace process, he sa d. Headl n ng the meet ng were the search for solut ons to human tar an ssues, nclud ng the repatr at on of refugees, the s tuat on on the ground after the U.S. w thdrawal. and the launch of the pol t cal process, he sa d. “F rst, we d scussed solut ons to human tar an ssues, the creat on of cond t ons for the return of refugees,” Lavrov sa d, add ng: “Spec al attent on was pa d to the new s tuat on develop ng n connect on w th the U.S. m l tary w thdrawal from Syr a.” “And an understand ng was reached on how the m l tary representat ves of Russ a and Turkey w ll cont nue to coord nate the r steps on the ground am d the new cond t ons, w th a v ew to the f nal erad cat on of the terror st threat on Syr an so l,” he added. Both Turkey and Russ a once aga n stressed uncond t onal respect for Syr a’s sovere gnty and terr tor al ntegr ty, Lavrov added.

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