There is no easy solution ahead for Turkey on YPG problem


Many countries in the world, from Arab to Western nations, are speedily preparing conditions to work with the al-Assad regime. Oil-rich countries would, therefore, be the sponsors of the reconstruction of Syria in return for Damascus’ loosening its ties with Iran. …Neither the Astana guarantors - Russia and Iran - nor Western powers approve of a new Turkish military offensive into Syria. Turkey, however, has made clear a number of times that its determination to clear the east of Euphrates of the YPG will not change. It continues to reinforce its positions on the border while pressuring the U.S. to implement the Manbij roadmap during the withdrawal process so that Turkish troops and the Free Syrian Army can take control. In the meantime, there are reports a Syrian army advance toward the same area, sparking concerns of an armed conflict between rival groups. The calls by the YPG on the Syrian government to take control of Manbij and other parts in the east of Syria to stave off the Turkish operation is particularly relevant. Subsequently, projections that Moscow would press on Ankara to shelve its military operations in order not to complicate the situation in the field would not be unrealistic. However, it should also find ways to assure Turkey that its troops inside Syria and its borders will not be threatened by either the YPG or the Syrian army. In short, the YPG will continue to be one of the key problems in Syria but this time as an issue Turkey has to resolve with Russia and Syria.

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