What do business people want to know to avoid uncertaint­y in 2019?

Dünya Executive - - COMMENTARY - Osman AROLAT Columnist

In conversati­ons I had with business people in Anatolia, the topic they brought to the agenda for 2019 is “uncertaint­y.” They stated that they did not know what 2019 would bring on many issues. “What do you want to know?” I asked.

What will be the results of the local elections in March? Who will win the election, especially in three big cities? Will the volatility in the exchange rate continue?

Will oil prices continue to fall and will our energy costs decrease?

Will there be a revival in growth and investment­s? Will inflation and unemployme­nt gear down?

Will the increase in exports, which we experience­d at the end of last year, continue to increase faster than imports, and will the current account deficit continue to decrease in 2019?

Will the course of the U.S.-China trade war cool down or deepen? How will this reflect on us and other developing countries?

Will the American embargo on Iran continue as it did in the beginning, or will it deepen? Will the exemption applied to us end or continue? Will 2019 be a year where the conflicts in Syria and the region have decreased, hopes for peace have increased, we can be hopeful about investment and trade in the region will increase? Will the return of refugees in our country be accelerate­d?

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