Elections anyone?

Off from its post-budget break, parliament prepares for local elections


The election period for local elections has officially started. As of January 1, political parties reached the final stage in the nomination process while the Supreme Electoral Council announced the political parties that will participate in the elections. Voter lists will be published online by January 17. The placement of political parties on the ballot will be determined by a random draw which will be held on January 27. Political parties will present their lists of candidates to the election boards on February 19. Temporary nominee lists will be announced on February 22 and the lists will be announced on March 3. On March 24, voter information papers will be distributed to voters. Election campaigning will end on March 30 and on March 31, voters will go to the polls to vote.

The parliament, which took a break after the 2019 Budget and the bag law was enacted, will resume its work on January 8 and is expected to go on holiday in mid-February. The 71 article law proposal, which includes a large number of regulations, from unemployment to rent contracts, baby milk to livestock support, will be enacted. The proposal authorizes the Provincial Bank to support urban transformation efforts and provide financing. The CPI will become the rate in determining rent price increases. The lower limit for pensions paid to retirees who receive disability will be TRY 1,000. Turnip juice and baby and continuation milk will be exempt from excise duty.

Leg slat on for employment ncentives

A legal regulation will be made for setting up a substructure for the employment incentives announced by President Erdogan at the last group meeting of the year. Erdogan had announced that regional employment incentives would be extended for another year and 6 points of premium support for employers in 51 provinces and two districts will continue while minimum wage incentive applied for 9 months in 2018 will be extended to 12 months. According to this, support will be TRY 101 for workplaces with 500 or more employees and TRY 150 for workplaces with 500 or more employees and social insurance premium contributions will be 3 and 5 points respectively. These regulations will be made with the bag law proposal. The other legislative proposal, which is to be issued before the local elections, will amend the mining and other laws.

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