A Turkish anti-populist strategy for the Trump/ Syria/PYD deadlock


Dünya Executive - - POLITICS -

It is unrealisti­c to think every step the U.S. takes is with Turkey in mind. Trump’s relations have recently not been so good with the Pentagon and CENTCOM or, in short, with military men. The reason for his decision to withdraw from Syria came as a slap for them. It was more like a punch! Framing that this decision as “Turkey forced Trump to take a step back” would be a mistake. We should rather focus on how we are going to take advantage of the tension between Trump and the Pentagon. U.S. media is criticizin­g the decision to withdraw from Syria and making anti-Turkey rhetoric about the Kurds. The reason for this is the tension between Trump and the media, not their antagonism against Turkey. It is a mistake to consider the U.S. as a single organism. There is a big fight within the U.S. There is an unbelievab­le struggle for power between institutio­ns, the capital, political circles and religious groups. These are advantages for us. The U.S.’s biggest fight is against China. All the internatio­nal steps they have taken are against China and with China’s position in mind. Russia comes second. We should never throw ourselves into the middle of this fight by thinking that those steps are aimed at us. Instead, we should prepare a long term strategy for global politics, the Middle East, and on a more micro scale, for Syria. We should act according to these strategies and make our moves accordingl­y. Otherwise, we will just check what Trump has tweeted every morning and be held hostage by social media.

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