We are weak n susta nable exports

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Our compan es are go ng through a d ff cult per od. As nsecur ty h ts shr nk ng domest c markets hard, export ng compan es try to ncrease the r exports even more. Those who d d not export before are look ng for ways to export. Turkey has turned towards export to overcome the d ff cult es t s n. The number of export ng compan es s ncreas ng. However, when we talk about ‘susta nable export’, Turkey rema ns weak. We are proud of say ng that the number of exporters reached 75,000. In fact, when t comes to the number of f rms engaged n regular exports, the s tuat on s not that br ght. The number of compan es that have made exports for three success ve years s 15,000, accord ng to

Turk Ex mbank General manager Adnan Y ld r m, speak ng at the Assoc at on of Turk sh Construct on Mater al Producers’ meet ng. If you talk about regularly export ng f rms for 10 success ve years, th s f gure does not even reach 10,000. Even n a trad t onally export ng c ty l ke Izm r, the number of compan es that have exported regularly over a decade or more s not even one thousand. Ankara s even weaker. The number of regular exporters n the cap tal s around 600!

So, th s good news from Man sa ncreases our hopes. Internat onal compan es nvest ng n putt ng the focus on Turkey’s exports w ll be a major contr but on n all respects. Japanese g ants’ nterest n turkey n that sense s also a good s gn.

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