Anti-Erdogan camp’s pipe dream on local vote


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last week unveiled the Justice and Developmen­t Party’s (AK Party) 11-point municipal election manifesto. Overall, the document stressed the need for more engagement and participat­ion. It would appear that the AK Party wants to restore the Spirit of 1994 to start a new participat­ory revolution at the municipal level. Promising to monitor minutiae with reference to a long-term strategy, Turkey’s ruling party pledges to prioritize quality without failing to address quantitati­ve needs. In his address to a large crowd in Ankara, Erdogan added that he viewed the People’s Alliance as a matter of national survival. Some, however, find it difficult to understand why the Turkish president talks about national survival with municipal elections around the corner. Thanks to Turkey’s new system of government, we have no reason to suspect that a political crisis could break out. Yet we must keep in mind that our nation’s adversarie­s, who have been trying to weaken Turkey since 2013, won’t just quit.

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