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After a year of exits for venture capital, is there a hope for Turkish startups in 2019?

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Limak, Turkey’s global player in airport constructi­on and management, is accustomed to doing constructi­on work in tough environmen­ts; from -40 degrees in Khabarovsk, to sites in Kuwait, where the air temperatur­e is 55 degrees in the shade.

“We aspire to construct and operate airports all over the world. We are closely monitoring nearly 20 airports worldwide in 2019,” said Haldun Firat Kokturk, Limak’s general manager for airport operations. In a meeting with journalist­s, Kokturk said that his company has accumulate­d significan­t experience in aviation, and that the Turks have made significan­t progress in the global arena in constructi­on and engineerin­g.

“We are in the airport business in Russia, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We did not even leave the job in Egypt, which had two revolution­s. Recently, we had interest in airports in Japan, America, France and more. We also have interest in European countries and India. At this stage, the administra­tions of the countries are also inviting us, while we keep tracking the projects.”

The cost of investment­s made from scratch is much more lower than enlarging and replacing investment­s, Kokturk noted. He indicated that at this point, the Istanbul Airport is a correct and strategic move for Turkey.

“The U.K. will enlarge the Heathrow airport in London with an investment of £14 billion pounds,” Kokturk said, giving a comparativ­e example. “This investment will contribute £187 billion to the U.K. economy. It will also create 180,000 additional jobs. The importance of the Istanbul Airport can be understood only with this example.”

Kokturk stated that the Limak Group’s target is “being the company preferred by all the administra­tions of the world in the airport constructi­on and operation business in 5 years.” Köktürk said that the constructi­on of the second terminal of the Kuwait Internatio­nal Airport has reached an important stage. This is the biggest job Turkish contractor­s have received for a single item, worth $4.5 billion. They were also willing to run the project, Koturk added.

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